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Find Los Angeles County California military bases, sites, installations and posts of the US Army, Marines, Navy, Airforce. Military bases provide information about recruitment and military jobs, discounts, bases by state, ranks and basic pay.

Fort MacArthur Meyler Meyler Road Los Angeles CA 90731

Los Angeles Air Force Base 483 North Aviation Boulevard El Segundo CA 90245 310-653-1110

Los Angeles US Coast Guard Air Station 1 World Way Los Angeles CA 90045 310-417-9601

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Is the President authorized to close a Military Base without Congressional approval?

No. However, the President has the authority to close military installations. Congress has passed statutes that require notification, evaluation, and a waiting period before certain military installation closures can take place.

What is the population of a Military Base?

Military Bases vary significantly in size. The population can range from just a few thousand to well over 10,000.

Do military retirees live on Military Bases?

In some cases, Military Bases may offer housing to military retirees, but this is not common and options are limited. In addition to Military Bases that provide for residency by retirees, there are also several military-only retirement communities in various locations throughout the country.