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Find Los Angeles County California daycares and preschools. Daycares provide information on licensed infant and child care assistance, 24 hour and weekend day care centers, montessori, private, and public facilities.

107Th Street Elementary School Cspp/Head Start 146 East 107th Street Los Angeles CA 90003 323-756-8137

10Th Street Preschool 1444 10th Street Santa Monica CA 90401 310-458-4088

123 Christian Mission Historic Route 66 Los Angeles CA 90038 213-733-1123

186Th Street Elementary School Cspp 1581 186th Street Gardena CA 90248 310-324-1153

21St Century Child Care 330 East South Street Long Beach CA 90805 714-693-0180

31St Dist Ptsa Creative Kids- Chatswork Park Elem 22005 Devonshire Street Los Angeles CA 91311 818-481-4583

31St Dist Ptsa Creative Kids-Andasol Avenue Elem 10126 Encino Avenue Los Angeles CA 91325 818-993-6040

31St Dist Ptsa Creative Kids-Calvert Street Elem 19850 Delano Street Los Angeles CA 91367 818-883-9608

31St Dist Ptsa Creative Kids-Darby Avenue 10818 Darby Avenue Los Angeles CA 91326 818-360-4203

31St Dist Ptsa Creative Kids-Dearborn Street Elem 9240 Wish Avenue Los Angeles CA 91325 818-993-0554

31St Dist Ptsa Creative Kids-Hamlin Street Elem 22627 Hamlin Street Los Angeles CA 91307 818-996-2668

31St Dist Ptsa Creative Kids-Haynes Elementary 6624 Lockhurst Drive Los Angeles CA 91307 818-996-2668

31St Dist Ptsa Creative Kids-Newcastle Avenue Elem 6520 Newcastle Avenue Los Angeles CA 91335 818-996-2668

31St Dist Ptsa Creative Kids-Plummer Elementary 9340 Noble Avenue Los Angeles CA 91343 818-891-5363

31St Dist Ptsa Creative Kids-Sherman Oaks Center 18605 Erwin Street Los Angeles CA 91335 818-996-2668

31St Dist Ptsa Creative Kids-Superior Street 9756 Oso Avenue Los Angeles CA 91311 818-220-8182

31St District Ptsa Creative Kids-Calabash Street 23055 Eugene Street Los Angeles CA 91364 818-996-2668

31St District Ptsa Creative Kids-Chandler 14030 Weddington Street Los Angeles CA 91401 818-996-2668

31St District Ptsa Creative Kids-Encino Elem 16941 Addison Street Los Angeles CA 91316 818-996-2668

31St District Ptsa Creative Kids-Garden Grove 18141 Valerio Street Los Angeles CA 91335 818-996-2668

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About Daycares

What happens when my Home Daycare provider is sick or on vacation?

Unless the owner of the Home Daycare has hired staff or has made arrangements for backup services, the parents must seek other accommodations in these instances. Daycare Centers, in contrast, usually have sufficient staffing capacity to cover absences due to sickness or vacation.

What is the cost of Daycare?

The cost of Daycare varies dramatically by location and according to the service provider. However, some of the factors that influence the cost include adult to child ratios, the quality of programming, whether the provider is accredited as an early education program, whether the service remains open during inclement weather, and whether the provider expands services during school vacations. In some cases, government funding is available to subsidize costs for families.

What are the Care-Givers' Credentials?

Many states require managers of Daycare Centers to have a degree or certification in early childhood development. Some Daycare Centers have internal policies requiring all staff members to have training in early childhood education. Home Daycare providers are typically not required to have any formal training. However, many do have certifications or a background in education or related fields.