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Perform a free Calaveras County CA public police records search, including police reports, logs, notes, blotters, bookings, and mugshots.

Calaveras County Sheriff Police Press Releases Arrest Records, Criminal Records, Police Records View Calaveras County Sheriff press release by title and release date. Search Records

Calaveras County Sheriff Sales Arrest Records, Criminal Records, Police Records, Property Records, Land Records View Calaveras County Sheriff's Sales including property by date, address and location. Search Records

Calaveras County Sheriff's Office Website Employee Directory, Police Records, Criminal Records, Jail Records, Inmate Search View Calaveras County Sheriff's Office home page including jail information, press releases, logs, forms, outreach and contact information. Search Records

Calaveras County Superior Court Records Arrest Records, Criminal Records, Police Records, Court Records Search Calaveras County Superior Court calendars by record number or name. Search Records

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Are Police Records open to the public?

Yes, in most cases Police Records are considered public records, and they are available for public access. Many police departments provide online access to certain types of records, though documents related to ongoing investigations or sensitive personal information will not be included.

Do Police Records include 911 reports?

Yes, records of 911 calls and incident reports are considered Police Records. These reports list information about the reported incident, the caller's identity, the time and location, and the police officers dispatched to handle the incident. They can also include police reports on the incident.

What is a daily arrest log?

A daily arrest log is a report kept by a police department that lists the arrests made on any given day. Arrest logs are typically abbreviated reports about all police arrests, including the charges. Many law enforcement departments publish new arrest records daily or monthly in order to keep the community informed.