Alameda County CA District Attorney Office

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Alameda County District Attorney 1225 Fallon Street Oakland CA 94612 510-272-6222

About Alameda County District Attorney

The Alameda County District Attorney is an attorney who prosecutes criminal cases for the government in Alameda County, CA. The District Attorney is part of the Department of Justice and heads the Alameda County Prosecutor's Office, staffed with multiple attorneys who act on behalf of the District Attorney. District Attorneys in Alameda County take a lead role in multiple phases of a criminal case and exercise a great deal of discretion in how a case is handled. District Attorneys may delegate certain cases, or aspects of cases, to other attorneys in the Alameda County DA's Office.

You may contact the District Attorney for questions about:
  • Alameda County public criminal records
  • Alameda County Court records
  • Criminal investigations and prosecutions
  • Jury selection process in Alameda County, CA
  • Grand jury proceedings
Alameda County Criminal Records

The DA's Office maintains public records that may be available upon request. These records include Alameda County criminal records such as arrest records, police reports, and Alameda County Court records and filings.

Criminal Prosecutions

The Alameda County District Attorney decides whether or not to prosecute an offender in Alameda County, California. The evidence provided by the Alameda County Police Department, Alameda County Sheriff's Department, or other Local Law Enforcement agency, may or may not be sufficient to move a case forward, and the Alameda County DA's Office must evaluate the strength and admissibility of the available evidence before prosecuting the offender.

Alameda County Grand Jury

The District Attorney is responsible for presenting evidence to the Alameda County Grand Jury, which then decides whether or not there is probable cause for criminal charges. The Alameda County DA also determines whether to offer or accept a plea bargain.

Jury Selections & Sentencing

For cases that go to trial in Alameda County, the District Attorney, along with the Alameda County Public Defender's Office, will select a jury. After jury selection, the District Attorney makes opening statements, presents the government's case for conviction, and makes objections to the Defense Attorney's case. If the jury convicts the individual accused of breaking California law, the Office of the Alameda County DA makes recommendations for sentencing. If the jury finds the defendant not guilty, the District Attorney determines whether or not to appeal the case to a higher-level CA Court.