Bucks Cemetery

Find Bucks Alabama cemeteries, memorial parks, mausoleums, graveyards, gravesites, graves or mortuaries. Cemeteries provide information on funerals and burial services including internment, headstones and grave markers, burial grounds, cemetery plots, vaults, crypts, as well as burial records for national, state,.

Smiths Cemetery 11416 Old Highway 43 Axis AL 36505 6.0 miles from Bucks 251-675-3228

Saraland Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery 10000 Celeste Road Saraland AL 36571 10.1 miles from Bucks 251-675-0824

Eight Mile Gethsemane Cemetery 730 South Shelton Beach Road Prichard AL 36613 18.4 miles from Bucks 251-452-2220

Valhalla Memorial Funeral Home & Gardens Cemetery 8730 Sims Road Eight Mile AL 36613 19.5 miles from Bucks 251-649-1111

Mobile Gethsemane Cemetery 800 Mobile Street Mobile AL 36617 21.3 miles from Bucks 251-456-6528

Catholic Archdiocese Of Mobile Cemetery 1700 Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Avenue Mobile AL 36617 21.5 miles from Bucks 251-479-5305

Stone Street Cemetery 1700 Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Avenue Mobile AL 36617 21.5 miles from Bucks

Wolf Ridge Cemetery 4126 Moffett Road Mobile AL 36618 21.6 miles from Bucks 251-344-0608

Wilson Annex Of Whistler & Wolf Ridge Cemeteries 3930 Moffett Road Mobile AL 36618 21.8 miles from Bucks 251-344-6571

Whispering Pines Cemetery 305 North Dearborn Street Mobile AL 36603 22.3 miles from Bucks 251-432-3304

Church Street Cemetery 701 Government Street Mobile AL 36602 22.9 miles from Bucks

Friends of Magnolia Cemetery 1202 Virginia Street Mobile AL 36604 23.9 miles from Bucks 251-432-8672

Mobile National Cemetery 1202 Virginia Street Mobile AL 36604 23.9 miles from Bucks 251-690-2858

Little Magnolia Cemetery Owens Street Mobile AL 36604 24.0 miles from Bucks

Mobile Miller Cemetery 101 Jordan Lane Mobile AL 36608 24.3 miles from Bucks 251-344-0029

Mobile Pet Cemetery 1016 Hillcrest Road Mobile AL 36695 26.0 miles from Bucks 251-607-0102

Mobile Pine Crest Cemetery 1939 Dauphin Island Parkway Mobile AL 36605 27.0 miles from Bucks 251-478-5227

Mobile Pine Crest Cemetery Old Military Road Mobile AL 36605 27.2 miles from Bucks

Pine Crest Funeral Home And Cemetery 5651 Cottage Hill Road Mobile AL 36609 27.2 miles from Bucks 251-660-1155

DOlive Cemetery 28080 US Highway 98 Daphne AL 36526 27.3 miles from Bucks 251-621-0341

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About Cemeteries

How much does a burial plot at a Cemetery cost?

On average, a single space burial plot will cost between $1,000 and $3,000. However, the total cost of a funeral may exceed $10,000 because of the cost of a casket, funeral home charges, a headstone or grave-marker, and other expenses.

What can be done if a Cemetery is not adequately maintaining its grounds?

If contacting the owner or operator does not resolve the issue, complaints can be directed to a state Cemeteries commission or consumer affairs office.

Are there restrictions on what items a family may leave at a burial site?

Most Cemeteries restrict what can be left at a gravesite and how long items may be left there. These restrictions are meant to preserve the aesthetics of the Cemetery and to minimize obstructions to maintenance activities. Cemeteries generally reserve the right to remove flowers and other items from a gravesite after a specified period of time.