Bryden Blanche Foundation in Topeka Kansas

Address and phone number for Bryden Blanche Foundation, a Charity & Non Profit, at Southwest Jackson Street, Topeka KS.

Bryden Blanche Foundation
800 Southwest Jackson Street, Topeka, Kansas, 66612

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About the Bryden Blanche Foundation

Bryden Blanche Foundation, located in Topeka, KS, is a not-for-profit organization with a philanthropic goal. The mission of the Charity is to benefit the Shawnee County area and the general public through its work. The Charity accepts donations from the public and offers volunteering options.

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  • Charity services and programs
  • 501(c)3 tax exempt status
  • Donation and contribution tax deductions
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Charity Programs and Volunteering

The Charity offers programs and services for the Topeka general public, with opportunities to volunteer to contribute to the Charity mission. The Charity sets requirements for volunteers, including the application process, any requirements, and training for volunteers. Contact the Charity for more information about programs open to the general public and volunteering opportunities.

Fundraising Programs

Bryden Blanche Foundation runs fundraising programs and accepts contributions from the public, private corporations and foundations, and other Charities. The Charity also receives grants from the Topeka government to support its mission. Typically, a minimum of one third of financial support must come from the general public to maintain a Charity's tax-exempt status. The Charity uses its fundraising programs to raise money for its mission and to raise awareness. The fundraising programs include events, product or membership sales, and online fundraisers.

501(c)3 Tax Exemption

The Charity holds 501(c)3 Tax Exemption, meaning it is exempt from paying certain taxes because of the contributions the Charity makes to the public. As a non-profit organization, the Charity does not report profits to the Kansas state government or the federal government. Instead, all revenues, including fundraising, goes toward the Charity's mission and its operating costs. Contributions made to Topeka 501(c)(3) group Charities are tax-deductible for the donors.

Other Charities in Shawnee County

Multiple Charity organizations operate in the Shawnee County area, benefiting society and the general public. In Topeka, charities support environmental causes, promote public health and offer healthcare services, and serve educational missions, including supporting student funding or running an educational institution. Topeka arts and culture Charities preserve artistic and cultural heritage and serve an educational mission. Contact the Bryden Blanche Foundation for more information about Charities located in Shawnee County.

Contact the Bryden Blanche Foundation

You may contact Bryden Blanche Foundation by calling 785-357-1316, or by addressing inquiries to the office mailing address: Bryden Blanche Foundation, 800 Southwest Jackson Street, Topeka, Kansas, 66612.