Benton County Sheriff's Office in Corvallis Oregon

Address and phone number for Benton County Sheriff's Office, a Sheriff Department, at Northwest 5th Street, Corvallis OR.

Benton County Sheriff's Office
180 Northwest 5th Street, Corvallis, Oregon, 97330

About the Benton County Sheriff's Office

The Benton County Sheriff's Office, located in Corvallis, Oregon, is a law enforcement agency that promotes public safety in Benton County through public policing and the management of county jails and inmates. The Sheriff's Office is responsible for patrolling any unincorporated areas of the county or areas not covered by the municipal Police force as well as enforcing legal judgments such as foreclosures, repossessions, and tax delinquencies.

You may contact the Sherriff's Office for questions about:
  • Who is in Jail
  • Visiting and contacting Benton County inmates
  • County jail records and mug shots
  • Public safety and criminal activity
  • Sheriff's Office sales & auctions
  • Benton County law enforcement
Benton County Public Records

The Sheriff's Dept maintains public records that are available upon request. These records include inmate logs, mug shots, jail records, policing logs, Sheriff's sales & auctions, mortgage foreclosures, and public safety records.

County Inmates & Jails

The Benton County Sheriff's Department is responsible for a variety of functions related to law enforcement. The Department is charged with managing jails in Benton County, Oregon, which entails taking custody of prisoners and holding them until they are discharged, as well as managing the operations of the jail and maintaining the facility. The Sheriff also transports inmates to other detention facilities and court.

Enforcing Legal Judgments

The Sheriff's Office is responsible for serving and executing a range of legal processes issued by non-criminal courts. These include issuing and enforcing summonses and subpoenas, court orders such as contempt of court, divorce papers, and evictions notices.

Office of the Sheriff

The Sheriff is a chief law enforcement officer for Benton County and the head of the Sheriff's Office. Sheriffs are elected officials who usually serve four-year terms designated by local laws and are responsible for oversight of the other employees of the Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff's Office Employment

There are typically no requirements for elected Sheriffs to have any specific legal or law enforcement experience or training, though most come from a law enforcement background. Deputies and other law enforcement officers in the Benton County Sheriff's Dept go through law enforcement training. For specific information about employment with the Sheriff's Department, including job requirements and applications, you should contact the Office directly.

Contact the Benton County Sheriff's Office

You may contact the Sheriff's Office by calling 541-766-6858, or by addressing inquiries to the office mailing address: Benton County Sheriff's Office, 180 Northwest 5th Street, Corvallis, Oregon, 97330

Map of Benton County Sheriff's Office in Corvallis Oregon

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