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Oro Valley Magistrate Court Records https://www.orovalleyaz.gov/Government/Departments/Magistrate-Court View Oro Valley Magistrate Court calendar by date, time, and case type.

Pima County Arrest Warrants https://apps.supremecourt.az.gov/publicaccess/ Search Pima County, Arizona arrest warrants by name, including mugshots, DOB, warrant number and charges.

Pima County Child Support Forms https://des.az.gov/services/child-and-family/child-support/apply-for-child-support Find information about Pima County, Arizona Inmate Visitation including visitation information, in-person and video visitations, hours, schedules, appointments, and frequently asked questions.

Pima County Child Support Warrants https://des.az.gov/services/child-and-family/child-support View Pima County, Arizona child support warrants list, including names, photos and last known addresses.

Pima County Clerk of The Superior Court Records https://www.sc.pima.gov/ Search Pima County Clerk of the Superior Court records database by name or business name and case number.

Pima County Consolidated Justice Court Records http://www.jp.pima.gov/OnlineRecordsRequest/Default.aspx View Pima County Consolidated Justice Court records request form with fields for submitting a record request.

Pima County Consolidated Justice Court Records (Arizona) https://www.jp.pima.gov/WebPay/ Search Pima County Consolidated Justice Court payment records database by case or docket number, or citation or ticket number.

Pima County Court E-Filing https://www.sc.pima.gov/judges-courts/civil-court/e-filing/ Find information about Pima County, Arizona Government Surplus Auctions including public surplus auctions, government auctions, government liquidation, and seized property sales.

Pima County Court Records https://www.jp.pima.gov/CaseSearch/ Find Pima County, Arizona court records by date, time, case number, and parties.

Pima County Family Court Forms https://www.sc.pima.gov/judges-courts/family-court/family-court-forms/ Find information about Pima County, Arizona Family Court Forms including family services, emancipations, paternity tests, custody forms, and annulments.

Pima County Jury Duty https://www.sc.pima.gov/jurors/ Find information about Pima County, Arizona Government Calendars including events calendars, fairs, activities, and things to do.

Pima County Notary Forms https://azsos.gov/business/notary-public Find information about Pima County, Arizona Notary Forms including notary certificate forms, notary public applications, and apostille information.

Pima County Orders of Protection & Restraining Orders https://www.arcourts.gov/administration/domestic-violence-forms Find information about Pima County, Arizona Orders of Protection & Restraining Orders including filing protective court orders, temporary restraining orders, domestic violence forms, emergency orders, and dismissals.

Pima County Probate Forms https://www.sc.pima.gov/judges-courts/probate-court/probate-court-forms/ Find information about Pima County, Arizona Probate Forms including estate forms, surrogate, probate, guardianship, self-represented forms, and trusts.

Pima County Probate Records https://www.sc.pima.gov/Default.aspx Find Pima County, Arizona probate records by name, estate number, case number and party type.

Pima County Restraining Order Forms & Applications https://www.jp.pima.gov/Info/CaseTypes/ProtectionOrders.html Find information about Pima County, Arizona Property Forms & Applications including real estate filings, certificates of occupancy, property tax forms, and land records.

Pima County Small Claims Forms https://www.jp.pima.gov/Info/CaseTypes/SmallClaims.html Find information about Pima County, Arizona Restraining Order Forms & Applications including civil protection orders, domestic violence orders of protection, and victim service resources.

Pima County Superior Court Records https://www.sc.pima.gov/ Search Pima County Superior Court case calendar records database by case number, party name, judge, attorney and date.

Pima Superior Court Clerk Marriage Applications https://webcms.pima.gov/cms/one.aspx View Pima Superior Court Clerk marriage license information, including age, appearance and identification requirements, expiry and fees.

Tucson City Court Records https://www.tucsonaz.gov/courts/court-defendant-search Search Tucson City Court defendant records by docket number, citation number, name, or police report number.

Tucson City Court Records (Tucson, Arizona) https://www.tucsonaz.gov/courts/court-calendar Search Tucson City Court calendar by docket number, citation number, name, and DOB.

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Pima County Court Records are public records, documents, files, and transcripts associated with court cases and court dockets available in Pima County, Arizona. Courts in Pima County maintain records on everything that occurs during the legal process for future reference, including appeals. Court Records are typically maintained by the courts that produce the records. These courts may exist at the Federal, Arizona State, Pima County, and local levels.

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