16258 Auditor Office

Find 16258 auditor offices. Auditors provide information on government auditing standards, internal audits, financials, budgets, debt, spending, accounting, operations, compliance and performance.

Jefferson County Auditor Ste 100, 200 Main St Brookville PA 15825 11.6 miles from 16258 814-849-1645

Sandy Lake Auditor 32 North Reeds Furnace Road Sandy Lake PA 16145 39.1 miles from 16258 724-376-3434

Cochranton Auditor 143 Sara Ln Cochranton PA 16314 39.2 miles from 16258 814-425-3087

Millcreek Township Auditor 726 Klein Road Sandy Lake PA 16145 40.0 miles from 16258 724-376-3960

Carlton Auditor 94 Jacobs Rd Carlton PA 16311 41.9 miles from 16258 814-425-1499

Sandy Lake Township Auditor 139 Cole Road Sandy Lake PA 16145 42.1 miles from 16258 724-376-4135

Sandy Lake Township Auditor 310 Parker Road Stoneboro PA 16153 42.8 miles from 16258 724-376-2584

Indiana County Auditor 825 Philadelphia Street Indiana PA 15701 42.9 miles from 16258 724-465-3966

Lake Township Auditor 106 Gander Lane Stoneboro PA 16153 46.0 miles from 16258 724-376-3887

New Vernon Township Auditor 547 Carpenter Road Stoneboro PA 16153 47.1 miles from 16258 724-253-2359

Deer Creek Township Auditor 620 Georgetown Road Hadley PA 16130 48.0 miles from 16258 724-253-2361

Fairview Township Auditor 288 Coolspring Road Mercer PA 16137 48.5 miles from 16258 724-475-2817

Fairview Township Auditor 1554 Perry Highway Fredonia PA 16124 49.8 miles from 16258 724-475-4960

Perry County Auditor 851 Fredonia Road Hadley PA 16130 51.0 miles from 16258 724-253-4507

Delaware Township Auditor 20 Shipton Ln Fredonia PA 16124 52.2 miles from 16258 724-475-4480

Meadville County Auditor 903 Diamond Park Square Meadville PA 16335 52.9 miles from 16258 814-333-7327

Salem Township Auditor 390 Osborn Road Greenville PA 16125 53.8 miles from 16258 724-253-2566

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About Auditor Offices

How does an Auditor select an agency or program to audit?

An Auditor may take a systematic approach by auditing all agencies or programs on a predetermined schedule, for example, one departmental audit per year. Alternatively, an audit may be initiated as a result of a specific question or issue that has been raised about an agency or program.

Does every government entity have an Auditor?

Every state has a department responsible for the audit function, though their responsibilities vary. In some states, separate departments or offices are responsible for different types of audits, such as performance audits, investigative audits, and financial audits. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) is the federal audit agency, though many federal agencies also have their own audit office. Many, but not all, county and local governments have an audit office.

Who appoints the Auditor?

At the state level, auditors may be elected or appointed by the legislature. County and local Auditors may be elected or appointed by either the legislative body or by a separate committee with oversight or audit authority.