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Are Marriage Records open to the public?

Yes, in most cases Marriage Records are considered public records, which means they are available to the public. In certain cases, Marriage Records may only be available to the couple or their legal representatives. Some historical Marriage Records may also be unavailable. For example, in the past some jurisdictions did not archive marriage license applications.

Can a marriage license be used as legal proof of a marriage?

No, a marriage license is not sufficient proof of marriage. Couples may apply for a marriage license but not ultimately get married. In most states, marriage licenses also expire after a set period of time, typically 30-90 days. After getting married, a couple must submit the marriage license in order to receive a marriage certificate, which serves as proof of the marriage.

What is a certified marriage certificate?

A certified marriage certificate is a legal document that is a valid record of marriage. It typically has an embossed seal and can be requested through the state's Vital Records Office. Other forms of the marriage certificate, including souvenir marriage certificates or the marriage license form, may not be valid for legal purposes.