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Perform a free Polk County AR public land records search, including land deeds, registries, values, ownership, liens, titles, and landroll.

Polk County Assessor Property Records Property Records, Land Records, Tax Records Search Polk County Assessor real estate records by name, parcel, property ID, address, or subdivision. Search Records

Polk County Government Website Employee Directory, Court Records, Land Records, Property Records View Polk County Government department list, including quorum court, judge, circuit clerk, clerk, sheriff, assessor, tax collector and treasurer. Search Records

Polk County Sheriff Website Employee Directory, Police Records, Court Records, Land Records, Tax Records View Polk County Sheriff information page, including description and list of duties. Search Records

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Are Land Records open to the public?

Yes, in most cases Land Records are considered public records, and they are available to the public. Many different government agencies and some private archives maintain Land Records, and some of them provide online access to these records. Other Land Records may require an application or a small fee.

Which government agencies keep Land Records?

Land Records may be held by a variety of local government agencies, including the County Clerk's Office, the Register of Deeds, the Recorder's Office, or a number of other departments. In some jurisdictions, there is a Land Records Office charged with maintaining Land Records.

Where can genealogists find historical Land Records?

Historical Land Records may be available through local government offices, state archives, or the National Archive and Record Administration (NARA). For example, NARA maintains records on over ten million individual land transactions. State archives may also have historical Land Records, which are available to the public.