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What is a certified death certificate?

A certified death certificate is a legal document that is a valid record of death. It is typically signed by a medical professional, has an embossed seal, and must be requested through the state's Vital Records Office. An uncertified death certificate may not be valid for legal purposes.

How many copies of a death certificate are necessary?

It is important to obtain several copies of a certified death certificate. This legal document will be required to take care of the deceased person's funeral and obituary, as well as settling wills and estates, transferring property, closing bank accounts, and a number of other steps. Certified death certificates are issued by the state for a small fee.

What is the National Death Index?

The National Death Index is a centralized database that collects Death Record information from the states. It is run by the National Center for Health Statistics, a division of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and it serves as a resource for health and medical investigators. The database contains death status and cause of death information, and it is only available for statistical purposes for research.