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Bradley County Assessor's Office Website Employee Directory, Tax Records, Land Records, Property Records View Bradley County Assessor's Office general information page, including election process for the assessor position, assessor's duties, and contact information. Search Records

Bradley County Clerk's Office Website Employee Directory, Land Records View Bradley County Clerk's Office webpage providing information about the circuit clerk. Search Records

Bradley County Collector Website Employee Directory, Property Records, Land Records, Tax Records View Bradley County Collector's for general information, tax rates, statements, and fees. Search Records

Bradley County Sheriff & Collector Website Employee Directory, Police Records, Land Records, Tax Records View Bradley County Sheriff & Collector general information page, including tax due dates, staff details and contact information. Search Records

Bradley County Website Employee Directory, Land Records, Property Records View Bradley County Assessor web page, including duties, general information and contacts. Search Records

Bradley County and Probate Clerk Website Employee Directory, Marriage Records, Vital Records, Birth Records, Death Records, Divorce Records View Bradley County and Probate Clerk's information including duties and names of the clerk and deputy clerks. Search Records

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Is every government employee listed in an Employee Directory?

Some government employees may not be included in the Employee Directory, particularly in cases where revealing contact information may put an employee at risk. Elected government officials and employees who serve the public are almost always included in the directory.

Does an Employee Directory contain salary information?

No. The Employee Directory is primarily for contact information, and it does not include salary information. However, the salary information for nearly all government employees is public. Public employee salaries are published by federal, state, and local governments on an annual basis.

Do private companies also have Employee Directories?

Yes, many private companies also maintain Employee Directories. These may list the contact information for certain employees but restrict access to others. Because government employees serve the public, their contact information is nearly always included in an Employee Directory for their agency or department.