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Can Arrest Records Be Expunged?

Yes. Individuals can have their Arrest Records expunged by petitioning the court. If an arrest has been expunged, the individual cannot legally be required to disclose the arrest. In some jurisdictions, there is a statute of limitations on Arrest Records.

Are Juvenile Arrest Records Available?

Juvenile Arrest Records are available in some cases. If a juvenile was tried as an adult, the arrest record will be available as part of the court record. Juvenile arrests can be sealed or expunged, and juvenile crimes tend to have shorter statutes of limitations.

What Is the Sex Offender Registry?

The Sex Offender Registry is a database that contains information on every person convicted of a sex crime. All states are required to maintain an up-to-date sex offender registry, which is usually available online. It allows you to search for sex offenders by name, address, zip code, and county or town.