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Can You Change Your Birth Certificate?

Yes. You can change or modify a birth certificate by contacting the Vital Records Office responsible for issuing the original certificate. You may need to change a birth certificate because of an error, to change a child's name, or after an adoption. Some states require a court order to modify a birth certificate.

What Is a Certified Birth Certificate?

A certified birth certificate is a legal document that is a valid record of birth. It typically has an embossed seal and must be requested through the state's Vital Records Office. Other forms of the birth certificate, including souvenir birth certificates issued at hospitals and short-form birth certificates, may not be valid for legal purposes.

Do Marriage or Divorce Name Changes Require Changing Your Birth Certificate?

No. If you are changing your name because of marriage or divorce, you do not need to change your original birth certificate. However, you will be required to show a certified birth certificate to change your name on your driver's license, Social Security card, and other legal documents.