Jefferson County Mayor Office

Find Jefferson County Alabama mayor offices. Mayor offices provide information on government agencies, legislation, councils, managers, boards, elections, deputy mayors, and local, state and federal politics.

Bessemer Mayor 1800 3rd Avenue North Bessemer AL 35020 205-424-4060

Brookside Mayor 2711 Municipal Ln Brookside AL 35036 205-674-1623

Fairfield Mayor 4701 Gary Avenue Fairfield AL 35064 205-788-2492

Fultondale Mayor 1210 Walker Chapel Road Fultondale AL 35068 205-841-4481

Gardendale Mayor 970 Main Street Gardendale AL 35071 205-631-8789

Hueytown Mayor 1318 Hueytown Road Hueytown AL 35023 205-491-7010

Leeds City Mayor 1040 Park Drive Leeds AL 35094 205-699-2585

Vestavia Hills Mayor 513 Montgomery Highway Vestavia Hills AL 35216 205-978-0130

Warrior Mayor 215 Main Street North Warrior AL 35180 205-647-0520

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What are the qualifications for becoming a Mayor?

Aside from residency and age requirements, most local charters do not require any specific education or experience for the position of Mayor. Most Mayors have some prior experience as an elected or other government official, or have been involved in some form of public service. Mayors typically benefit from political and consensus building skills. In a Mayor-Council form of government, management and policy development experience are particularly advantageous.

Does the Mayor determine what ordinances and other local laws are adopted?

The Mayor may initiate or propose ordinances and other local laws, but the adoption of these measures is a legislative responsibility. The city or town council, or other legislative body, has the authority to adopt local legislation. Depending on the form of government, the Mayor may or may not have a vote in the legislative body.

What is the term of office for a Mayor?

The Mayor's term of office is determined by local charter. In most municipalities, the Mayor serves a two-year or four-year term.