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What tools are available for understanding Genealogy Records?

Some government agencies may offer assistance with locating and understanding Genealogy Records. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), for example, offers workshops related to genealogy. NARA is the federal organization that deals most closely with Genealogy Records.

What census records are available for genealogical research?

Census records are confidential for 72 years, but during that time they can be requested by the person named in the record or that person's heir or legal representative. After the 72-year waiting period, census records dating back to 1790 are available through the National Archives and Records Administration.

Are military files open to the public?

Yes, many military records are available to the public. This includes compiled service records, pension applications and payment records, and other valuable information. These records date back to the Revolutionary War. Most of these records are not available online, but you can order specific records through the National Archives and Records Administration.