Warrant Search

Search free public warrant records, including warrant search, check, lookup, database, inquiry, lists, and bench warrant search.

What is a Warrant Search?

A warrant search is a specialized public record check that displays whether a particular person has an outstanding warrant for his or her arrest within the area covered by the particular database. These warrant searches require an active inquiry on the part of an individual authorized to make such a search.

Depending on the type of warrant search, as well as the mechanism used to complete the lookup request, a single warrant check may not be sufficient if information is needed from multiple jurisdictions. For example, a warrant search conducted through a single state or county database may only provide results for warrants issued in those local areas. However, some national background check services can compile results from a wide range of municipalities to create a complete picture, without requiring that the searcher goes through each district's database separately.

Warrant Searches provide

  1. Accurate information. A warrant search is only valuable if it is accurate, which means keeping updated databases and regularly checking data for accuracy.
  2. Warrant details. Often, a warrant search does more than confirming the issuance of a warrant. It may also contain certain information regarding the nature of the warrant including details about the accused crime or the nature of the warrant issued, as well as the issue date.
  3. Personal information. This may include details like age and date of birth, physical descriptions, names and known aliases.
  4. Contact information to reach the issuing authorities. Most warrant searches provide necessary information to contact the local authority that issued the warrant.
  5. Restricted access to sealed records. Not all records are public. For example, some records associated with minors are not available except with a court order.

Are there different types of Warrant Searches?

Functionally, no. A warrant search performs the same action through virtually every system designed to meet the need.