Snohomish County FDA

Find Snohomish County Washington FDA offices, centers, labs and buildings of the US Food and Drug Administration. FDA offices provide information on food safety and recalls, drugs, pharmaceutical and medication approval, research, testing and regulation, medical devices, vaccines, cosmetics, tobacco products and regulatory science and consumer safety.

FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs Seattle District Office 22215 26th Avenue Southeast Bothell WA 98021 425-302-0340

FDA Pacific Regional Laboratory Northwest 22201 23rd Drive Southeast Bothell WA 98021 425-487-5300

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What is the FDA?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a federal agency which regulates consumer food safety. It also approves and recalls drugs, medications, and medical devices, and conducts research, testing, and regulation of cosmetics and tobacco products. The FDA oversees the quality of food sold in the United States and requires labeling of ingredients.

New drugs must be approved by the FDA before they are advertised, prescribed or sold. Drug approvals require multiple steps including clinical trials that can take several years. Along with approving drugs, the FDA regulates drug advertising. Even though cosmetics don't require approval before sale, the FDA prohibits the use of certain chemicals in them. And, the agency also ensures the safety of vaccines, blood, and allergenic products, and has a specific approval process for each.

The FDA requires that some products have special labels about testing. Tobacco products also have FDA requirements regarding warning labels.