Find veterans service organizations. Veterans organizations like the VA (Veterans Affairs), VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars), Amvets, vet centers, and departments provide information and help with benefits, charities, insurance, disability, medical care, education, programs and compensation for veterans of the US Armed Forces.

Who are Veterans?

Any person who has served in the armed forces or military is considered a veteran once they leave service. After separating or retiring from the military, veterans of the US Armed Forces often have access to a variety of services and organizations that offer various forms of help. Not all veterans organizations provide the same services, and not all are government-run operations.

A veterans organization is an entity that provides services or support to veterans of the Armed Forces. Some well-known veterans organizations include the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), and Amvets.

Many veterans organizations are known for assisting veterans with obtaining benefits. However, not everyone realizes that veterans benefits may also be available to qualified family members. A veteran's spouse, child, and parents or permanently disabled veterans may be eligible for government benefits. Eligibility for benefits is determined by the Veterans Benefits Administration, a section within the VA.

Veterans organizations provide

  1. Education. Most veterans are eligible for educational benefits, including college tuition and expenses. Veterans groups may help individuals who are having difficulty accessing benefits receive financial support, based on their previous service records.
  2. Medical. Veterans may have medical needs and are often entitled to medical benefits based on their association with the VA.
  3. Disability. If a person sustains a disability as result of their military service, they are often entitled to benefits. A veterans organization may assist individuals in claiming benefits/disability.
  4. Housing. Veterans who struggle financially after their time in the service may run into issues of homelessness or other housing-related uncertainty. A veterans association may help with locating affordable housing or temporary housing options.
  5. Job Placement. Veterans struggling to find employment outside of the military may be eligible for assistance through veterans organizations, which are designed to make transitioning into civilian life easier.

Are there different types of Veterans?

A veteran is anyone who served in the armed forces and was then honorably discharged. While veterans may have been members of different branches and served during different time periods, all veterans are considered part of the same larger whole.