Find utilities. Public utility companies provide information on utilities which include electricity (power and light companies), oil and gas (home heating and cooking), waste and sewage companies.

What are Utilities?

Utilities are public organizations that provide services such as electricity, water, sewer and gas to local consumers. Utilities maintain the infrastructure to deliver those services. Each utility provides service within a specific location or service area. Anyone living within the service area is eligible to receive services from that utility company.

Unlike many other service-oriented businesses, utilities often function as monopolies, and may or may not be offered by the government directly. The reason a utility is approved to operate as a monopoly is that the infrastructure costs so much to build and maintain. The inability of multiple separate companies to provide the necessary infrastructure to serve customers isn't practical. Therefore, a single utility is allowed to operate without competition.

Utilities are responsible for

  1. Providing electricity. Power and light or electric utility companies provide businesses and residences with access to the electricity they need.
  2. Providing water. Local water companies provide safe water to local homes and businesses.
  3. Providing heating oil and natural gas. Some residences and businesses use natural gas or oil for heating and cooking.
  4. Managing wastewater and sewage. Often, wastewater and sewer services are administered together and typically included with water utility services. This process ensures that any waste products are safely handled and processed.
  5. Manage trash pickup, garbage, and recycling. Garbage and recycling services provide curbside pickup for general household waste.

Are there different types of Utilities?

Yes, there are multiple types of utilities which can be classified based on the size of the service area they support and the particular service they provide. For example, a power and light utility company would probably not supply water service.