Unemployment Office

Find unemployment offices, including state, federal, and department of labor offices. Unemployment offices provide information on unemployment eligibility and status, compensation, and filing weekly unemployment claims or benefits.

What is an Unemployment Office?

An unemployment office provides support to individuals who are not currently employed. Services to qualifying individuals are often available based on state and federal aid, and often funneled through local department of labor offices or similar organizations.

Unemployment offices can assist people in determining their eligibility for assistance, the current status of any claims, the amount of compensation owed, and details surrounding the filing of weekly unemployment claims or benefits.

Unemployment Offices are responsible for

  1. Determining eligibility. Unemployment offices determine who meets eligibiblity criteria for receiving benefits. For example, unemployment compensation requires a person to have been recently employed and to have lost that position through no legal fault of his or her own. However, precise definitions for determining eligibility can vary by location, so the local unemployment office must always be used to confirm eligibility.
  2. Weekly claims filings. Individuals who are claiming unemployment benefits are required to file documentation or provide information on a weekly basis to determine their eligibility for compensation. This procedure involves confirming how many hours were worked during the prior week (if any) and whether the individual met any other requirements.
  3. Disbursing compensation. Individuals owed compensation based on their unemployment benefits will receive payment from the unemployment office. It may be issued by check or through a proprietary debit card system.
  4. Providing education. Unemployment offices help individuals understand their rights and responsibilities. They may assist in finding new employment, preparing for interviews, or obtaining additional education.
  5. Assisting with job searches. In some cases, unemployment offices help individuals find job opportunities or even administer job boards. This service allows unemployed people to access resources that can help them locate a new job.

Are there different types of Unemployment Offices?

All unemployment offices provide similar services, especially those focused on providing eligible individuals with access to their unemployment compensation and other benefits. However, certain factors that are used to determine eligibility may vary by state, as well as the amount awarded to a particular individual.

Additionally, not every unemployment office will offer the same additional services, such as direct assistance with finding new employment or in developing new skills. In some cases, individuals working for the unemployment office will work with qualified individuals on items like resume writing, interviewing, and even proper business attire. Others offer group classes and seminars. Some agencies may focus solely on primary benefits and provide little assistance outside of that arena.