Town & City Hall

Find town & city halls. Town and city halls provide information on government agencies, boards, commissions, committees, departments, and elected officials.

What are Town and City Halls?

Town halls and city halls provide office space for government agencies, boards, commissions, committees, departments and elected officials. Town and city halls contain the offices of mayors, city managers, and other important local offices. Most town boards and commissions meet in local town hall offices. It's also common to find the city clerk, budget offices, human resources, information technology offices, planning boards, public works offices and the town attorney inside the town and city halls.

Town and City Halls are responsible for

  1. Providing office space for local government agencies.
  2. Providing meeting spaces for a variety of boards and commissions for public participation.
  3. Providing information regarding elections, economic development, taxes and fees, and other necessary city services.
  4. Providing a centrally-located facility for vital city services.
  5. Providing a location for political demonstrations and press conferences.

Are there different types of Town and City Halls?

There are different types of town halls and city halls. In the United States, there are historic town halls like those located in large New England cities. There are also new, modern facilities conveniently located near other important local government offices. Despite the different types of facilities, they offer the same kind of services. However, the size of the city or town will determine the number of offices that are in the city hall. Larger cities have government offices spread around town, while smaller ones are centrally located for convenience. If the town or city hall is a historic building, it usually still contains government offices, but probably also offers tours for visitors. Historic city halls and town halls usually have souvenirs, brochures, and itineraries for visitors who want to learn more.