Tax Records

Search free public tax records, including assessor, treasurer, tax office and collector records, tax lookup, tax departments, property and real estate taxes.

What are Tax Records?

Public tax records are documents that include assessments, appraisals, liens, property mortgages and others. Depending on the type of tax records, they may be available online for the general public to access at any time. However, some tax records are only available by making requests through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Most tax records are available at local government offices. It's possible to find real estate records and tax bills for commercial and residential real estate. Some records offices allow you to purchase access to records, either online or in person. State, county and federal tax authorities also gather and distribute reports and statistics regarding tax payments, and may be publicly available.

Along with information about taxes, it's possible to find additional real estate information, both online and in local government offices. Tax offices keep records of legal processes such as foreclosures and tax exemptions. It's also possible to find information about tax relief, and how to appeal tax values. And, tax offices provide information about how the community uses the tax dollars it collects.

Tax Records help with

  1. Learning about the taxable values of local real estate.
  2. Providing information about how the community uses its tax proceeds.
  3. Collecting information about foreclosures and tax exemptions.
  4. Maintaining and sharing information online for real estate lookup websites.
  5. Providing property information for local real estate agents.

Are there different types of Tax Records?

There are several different types of tax records. There are employment tax records, as well as records kept for commercial and residential real estate. Tax records are also kept for exemptions and foreclosures. People have to pay taxes on their income, their capital gains, and their inheritances, and there are records about all of those processes. There are also taxes assessed on items like cigarettes and alcohol, as well as on fuel and some luxury items. The state also keeps records for sales tax expenses as well as user fees and excise taxes. Businesses need to save their records for a specific amount of time. The local, state and federal government agencies that are involved in taxation also maintain excellent records, some of which are available to the public.