Social Security Office

Find social security offices, administration locations, and local departments of social security. Social security offices provide information on card replacements, eligibility, applications, statements, name change, SSDI, disability, benefits, and identity fraud & theft.

What is a Social Security Office?

Social security offices provide services including benefit card replacements, determining eligibility for programs, assisting people in completing applications for benefits, and more. Money for social security benefits is collected from worker paychecks during their working years and later distributed back in the form of retirement benefits. At retirement age, citizens can simply complete an online application for benefits. It's also possible to apply for benefits in person at a local social security office.

Social security offices help people plan for retirement by estimating benefits and finding their suitable age for retirement. Along with providing benefits for retirees, social security offices also provide benefits for people who are disabled and can no longer work. Disability benefits are exclusive to those who have worked in a job that collects social security and have a condition that qualifies as a disability. If all requirements are met, then cash benefits are usually paid until the recipient can return to work.

Social Security Offices are responsible for

  1. Collecting and disbursing benefits for retirees based on the social security payments they paid while employed.
  2. Providing citizens with a new social security card or a replacement card.
  3. Providing financial benefits for people who are disabled and can't work.
  4. Assisting individuals who are victims of social security fraud.
  5. Working with employers to help them understand how to file their social security payments.

Are there different types of Social Security Offices?

No. There is one type of social security office. But, there is online access as well as brick-and-mortar physical locations you may visit. The local offices provide all of the services that citizens need to access. Those who are unable to use the online services often visit their local office in person. Online office services are limited to replacing social security cards, applying for retirement benefits and appealing eligibility decisions.