South Carolina Aviation Department

Find South Carolina aviation departments, administration, agencies and FAA. Aviation departments provide information on civil and private aviation, airports, airlines, flights, regulations, safety and jobs.

What does an Aviation Department do?

An aviation department is tasked with maintaining safe and efficient air transportation services. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the leading aviation authority in the U.S. There are smaller aviation departments based in cities and towns where airports are found. These departments register and monitor aircraft and air flights, both commercial and private. They supervise manned aircraft as well as drones to ensure that the skies are safe.

This department has many responsibilities in addition to maintaining air safety. They certify airports and aircraft. They also oversee licensing of pilots and air crews. And, they create regulations and perform inspections. Aviation departments also gather data and conduct research. They investigate accidents and consumer complaints about air travel. Plus, they report on weather conditions that might cause delays or close airports.

Commonly asked questions about Aviation Departments

Do aviation laws and statutes come from local Aviation Departments?

In most cases, the laws regarding airspace, aircraft design, operations, and air-traffic control are under the jurisdiction of the FAA. Local airports have their own supplemental requirements and regulations. Citizens can address any aviation-related questions or complaints to these local authorities.

Do privately-owned airports have to follow Aviation Department regulations?

The short answer is "yes." Privately-owned airports must receive permission from local aviation departments and municipalities regarding their operations. Still, the FAA has final authority.

Which organizations provide funding for local airports?

Funding for airports in the U.S. comes from a variety of sources. Taxpayers provide some funding, some comes from the FAA's budget, and the rest comes from fees charged to airlines and air travelers. Those fees are included in the price of airplane tickets.