Rhode Island Finance Department

Find Rhode Island finance departments, DFS, and DOF. Finance departments provide information on financial services, finance, taxation, and banking.

Finance Departments by County

What does a Finance Department do?

The responsibilities of a finance department vary according to its size and jurisdiction. The finance department manages the revenues and debts of a government agency. It collects revenues and interest payments from government-owned properties, manages capital stock and infrastructure, oversees disbursements for payroll, operating expenses and benefits payments, and protects the financial interests of that agency. It also regulates banks, insurance companies, and other financial-services firms.

Some government-run finance departments focus on public services including fraud protection, bank legislation, and insurance regulation. The U.S. Department of Treasury serves as our principal financial department at the federal level.

Commonly asked questions about Finance Department

Do I owe money to the government? How do I pay my debts to the U.S. Treasury?

Most citizens with income must pay federal tax every year. Your yearly earnings determine the amount of tax to be paid. If you're unsure about how much tax to pay, you should seek help from a professional tax preparation service.

Do the people have a voice in government spending?

Yes. As a taxpayer, you're entitled to voice your opinion about government spending. The best way to participate is by voting for the political candidates of your choice on election day.

I have a concern regarding my bank. Who do I go to?

Irregular behaviors by the staff or executives at financial institutions may be a sign of wasteful practices or fraud. If you have any doubts about the activities of bankers or other financial-services professionals, you should contact your state's department of financial services.