Public School

Find public schools, including charter schools, k-12, elementary, middle, and high schools, school districts, boards, systems and PTAs. Public schools provide information on tuition, school rankings, school enrollment, education, curriculum, classes, records, and teacher student ratios.

What is a Public School?

Public schools are institutions that provide free education (K-12 education). School budgets are drawn from state, local and federal tax funding and may sometimes include private funds, such as the donations given to a charter school. Public schools include all levels of primary and secondary education and are managed on the level of a school district or a school division. School districts are usually parallel to city and county geographical districts, but sometimes include a larger jurisdiction or an entire region.

Public Schools provide

  1. Information about the number and content of classes, specifics of enrollment and tuition amounts, records of school tests, and curriculum for students.
  2. Parent-teacher associations (PTAs) to promote closer relations between everyone involved in a child's education, and to improve school facilities.
  3. A school board or management body to ensure the school is accountable to the public, taking the community contributions into consideration and enabling the best possible public education for the budget available.
  4. Charter documents in the case of charter public schools that are funded privately and publicly. The organizations aim to provide a vested community involvement by interested parties.
  5. Educational standards at an appropriate level to ensure academic progress.

Are there different types of Public Schools?

The key difference between public schools in the U.S. is the range of ages or grades they serve, and sometimes the teaching methods they use. Elementary or primary schools accept children from kindergarten age to grades five or six, depending on the state or the school district system. Sometimes, only grades two and three are included in primary schools, while higher grades, such as fifth and sixth, are included in elementary schools. Middle schools, junior high or intermediate public schools run classes for children enrolled in six, seventh, eighth or ninth grade. High schools take care of the education of older students from grade nine to grade twelve. K-12 public schools sometimes offer online education.