Professional License Search

Search free public professional license lookups including social work, engineering (PE), physician's assistant (PA), physical therapy (PT), and accounting (CPA) licenses. You can also verify pharmacy, nursing, family marriage counseling, psychiatrist, psychologist, medical physician, dental, occupational therapy (OT), optometry, veterinary, athletic trainer, architecture, land surveyor licenses, and more.

What is a Professional License search?

Certain professions are strictly regulated by state agencies. Before hiring any professional, it's important to verify that he or she has met the minimal licensing standards of the profession. You can easily perform a professional license search to determine whether someone meets the minimum education and training requirements and doesn't have a record of misconduct.

Running a professional license search is particularly important before working with any physician, dentist, attorney or other professional workers whose reliability and results are critically important.

You shouldn't trust your life to someone who never completed the necessary training to be licensed, or was the subject of disciplinary action.

Professional License search

  1. is used to verify that a professional is qualified to provide certain services.
  2. Is used to screen professionals accused of fraud, sexual harassment, and other violations.
  3. Is used to ensure a professional hasn't been cited for negligence or providing an unacceptable level of service.
  4. Is used to determine if a professional has ever had his or her license revoked in any state.

Are there different types of Professional License search?

Yes. You can conduct a professional license search for any trade or profession that's regulated under state law.

For example, you can use a professional license search to conduct a background check on physicians. Every state has a medical board that issues licenses to doctors who have completed medical school, residency, and the USMLE test.

When you conduct a medical license search on a physician, you'll see the license number, date of licensing, full name, the address of employment, specialty practices, board certifications and educational history.

It's always a good idea to check on the medical license of any doctor who is new to you.

State dental boards have similar licensing requirements for dentists. You can run a dental license search to determine if a dentist has been properly licensed, find out where he or she attended school, the date the residency was completed, and whether there have been any malpractice judgments or arbitration rulings.

You can also conduct a professional license search on any attorney in your state. Information on all licensed attorneys is retained by the state bar association.

Every state bar association stores different information on their members, but the records usually include every attorney's bar license number, the date he or she was admitted to the bar, place of practice and whether the attorney is active or inactive. Inactive lawyers are in good standing with the State Supreme Court but aren't eligible to practice law.

Beauticians must be licensed by the board of cosmetology in most states. Also, many building tradespeople must be licensed, although the standards vary from state to state. There are 15 states where contractors don't need to be licensed, but in all others, the contractors must receive a license from the state's department of labor and industry.

Before conducting a professional license search, you'll need to determine whether a professional must be licensed, and which regulatory agency oversees the licensing process for that profession.