Private School

Find private schools, independent, parochial, religious and non-religious affiliated charter schools, boarding schools, christian schools, preparatory prep schools, and accredited private k-12, middle schools, and high schools. Private schools provide information on tuition, school rankings, school enrollment, education, curriculum, classes, records, and teacher student ratios.

What is a Private School?

Private schools offer a paid alternative to government-funded public schools. Many private schools are religion-based, while others are special curriculum-based. Private schools are regulated by federal laws intended to provide an equal level of education to that given by public schools. Since they require tuition, private schools are always more expensive than public schools, and often feature advanced classes and better teacher-student ratios. As with many important decisions, some families choose to enroll their children in private schools in order to provide them with a better future based on the academic rigor of the courseload provided. It's important for parents to check school accreditation and rankings, which measure the effectiveness and success of a school.

Private Schools provide parents with additional educational options because

  1. Private schools use alternative teaching methods that help students prepare for life by specialized religious, pedagogical, language or social curricula, as well as individual interests and affinities.
  2. Private schools must follow government regulations but can provide additional help with counseling and independent learning based on the parents' chosen priorities.
  3. A vocational private school may be the ideal place for a young person to develop art, music or craft skills not offered in public school programs.
  4. Preparatory schools usually invest extensive efforts into each student's education.
  5. Religious or parochial schools educate students based on religious and moral values and help them form strong bonds in their respective communities.

Are there different types of Private Schools?

There are many types of private schools across the U.S., typically classified into a particular educational group by the class curriculum or a variety of other features.