Pomerene Court

Find Pomerene Arizona courts and courthouses, such as federal, state, district, superior, criminal, common, circuit, judicial, judiciary, divorce, appeals, family, traffic, and small claims courts. Courts provide information on legal cases, law documents, case searches, and appeals.

Benson Justice Court 126 West 5th Street Benson AZ 85602 2.3 miles from Pomerene 520-586-8100

Benson Municipal Court 126 West 5th Street Benson AZ 85602 2.3 miles from Pomerene 520-586-8100

Tombstone Municipal Court 315 East Fremont Street Tombstone AZ 85638 23.5 miles from Pomerene 520-457-3781

Huachuca City Municipal Court 500 Gonzales Boulevard Huachuca City AZ 85616 25.5 miles from Pomerene 520-456-1354

Sonoita Justice Court 3147 Highway 83 Sonoita AZ 85637 30.5 miles from Pomerene 520-455-5796

Cochise Superior Court 100 Colonia De Salud Sierra Vista AZ 85635 31.0 miles from Pomerene 520-803-3300

Sierra Vista Justice Court 100 Colonia De Salud Sierra Vista AZ 85635 31.0 miles from Pomerene 520-803-3800

Sierra Vista Magistrate Court 4001 East Foothills Drive Sierra Vista AZ 85635 31.4 miles from Pomerene 520-452-4980

Willcox Justice Court 450 South Haskell Avenue Willcox AZ 85643 31.5 miles from Pomerene 520-384-7000

Willcox Municipal Court 100 North Curtis Avenue Willcox AZ 85643 31.8 miles from Pomerene 520-384-4841

Sahuarita Municipal Court 360 West Sahuarita Center Way Sahuarita AZ 85629 40.6 miles from Pomerene 520-344-7150

Patagonia Municipal Court 310 McKeown Avenue Patagonia AZ 85624 41.9 miles from Pomerene 520-394-2958

South Tucson Municipal Court 1601 South 6th Avenue Tucson AZ 85713 42.3 miles from Pomerene 520-917-1568

Green Valley Justice Court 601 North La Canada Drive Green Valley AZ 85614 42.5 miles from Pomerene 520-648-0658

Tucson Municipal Court 103 East Alameda Street Tucson AZ 85701 42.9 miles from Pomerene 520-791-4216

Tucson La Placita Village Justice Court 110 South Church Avenue Tucson AZ 85701 43.0 miles from Pomerene 520-740-3171

Pima Superior Court 110 West Congress Street Tucson AZ 85701 43.0 miles from Pomerene 520-740-4200

Tucson Justice Court 115 North Church Avenue Tucson AZ 85701 43.1 miles from Pomerene 520-740-3171

Bisbee Superior Court 4 Ledge Avenue Bisbee AZ 85603 44.1 miles from Pomerene 520-432-8550

Bisbee Justice Court 207 North Judd Drive Bisbee AZ 85603 46.2 miles from Pomerene 520-432-9540

What is a Court?

A court is a means of dispute resolution, judgment, or adjudication. A court's responsibilities include criminal, administrative, and civil matters. Types of courts include federal, state, district, superior, common, circuit, judicial, divorce, probate, appeals, traffic, family, and small claims. When a court hears a case, it tasks each side with providing evidence to support their claims. A judge and jury look at the evidence and supporting law to reach a decision regarding the case.

Courts are found everywhere from small towns to major cities. Each state and federal jurisdiction in the U.S. has its own courts. All of these lower courts are under the final jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. Federal courts are divided into trial courts and administrative courts, and state courts are divided into county courts and appellate courts in accordance with local laws.