Phil Campbell Power Plant

Find Phil Campbell Alabama power plants. Power plants produce electric energy through means of harnessing solar, wind turbine, biomass, hydroelectric and tidal, nuclear, alternative, renewable, natural resources, coal, oil, gas and geothermal power.

Tva Colbert Fossil Power Plant Colbert Steam Plant Road Tuscumbia AL 35674 28.0 miles from Phil Campbell

International Paper Courtland Mill Power Plant 16504 County Road 150 Courtland AL 35618 34.4 miles from Phil Campbell

Us Tva Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant Nuclear Plant Road Athens AL 35611 42.0 miles from Phil Campbell

Lewis Smith Dam Power Plant 640 Power House Road Jasper AL 35504 44.5 miles from Phil Campbell

What is a Power Plant?

A power plant is a facility that generates electricity. It may serve a community or a particular commercial business. Power plants generate electricity through a variety of methods including burning coal, oil, gas or other fuels, or through hydroelectric generators powered by running water, nuclear reactors, or even tidal energy in coastal areas. Still, most power plants rely on large generators that burn fossil fuels.

A fuel-burning plant generates large amounts of waste such as smoke and ash, and requires appropriate design and safety features to protect the surrounding communities and the environment. In recent years, the environmental impact of burning fossil fuels has led to increasing interest in renewable-energy power sources such as wind farms and solar power to replace traditional power plants.