Passport Office

Find passport offices or passport agencies. A passport office is where an individual can find passport applications, find passport forms, apply for a passport, renew a passport, expedite a passport, or report a lost or stolen passport.

What is a Passport Office?

A passport office issues new and replacement passports for international travel. These services include providing and processing applications, receiving supporting documents, verifying an applicant's identity, dealing with the replacement of lost or stolen passports, and collecting the associated fees. To apply for a passport, the applicant must present his or her supporting documents in person at a passport office or by mail. To renew a passport, in most cases the passport holder may do so by mail. If a passport has been lost or stolen, the applicant must apply in person at the nearest office. Once issued, a U.S. passport is valid for ten years. Sometimes, the agency may require a separate visa for travel to certain foreign countries, so the passport holder should inquire before traveling abroad.

Passport Offices are responsible for

  1. Processing applications for new passports.
  2. Processing applications for replacement passports. If a passport has been lost or stolen, the application process for receiving a replacement is far more rigorous, in order to reduce the possibility of fraud. The applicant must usually visit the office in person.
  3. Renewing passports. Passport offices are responsible for renewing passports. Passports have an expiration, generally ten years, which is indicated on the first page. Once expired, the passport won't be valid for international travel.
  4. Replacing lost or stolen passports. As indicated above, there is a separate process for replacing a passport which has been reported as lost or stolen. The application and processing times are significantly longer, since the passport office must first verify identity and determine whether the missing passport has been used for travel by any unauthorized person.
  5. Issuing passports. Once the application process has been completed, the passport office approves the delivery of the actual physical document.

Are there different types of Passport Offices?

Yes. Some passport offices are located within larger government departments/agencies, while others, in small communities, are usuallylocated within the local post office.