Parks Department

Find parks and recreation department, including city and state park authorities, and systems. Parks departments provide information on local recreation facilities, city parks, state parks, activities, recreational land use, and sporting.

What is a Parks Department?

A parks department is responsible for maintaining and managing local, state, regional or national parks. Public parks and recreational land all need supervision to ensure that the properties are maintained well and kept safe for public use. A parks department is responsible for all activities and operations at parks within its jurisdiction. This department also oversees certain sporting events in addition to park and facility maintenance. In some jurisdictions, the department is responsible for operating programs such as fitness and exercise classes, sports leagues, nature walks, bicycle trails, environmental programs, and research programs. A parks department may also be responsible for education programs to promote wildlife and forest management.

Parks Departments help

  1. Maintain parks. These departments make sure public parks and recreation areas are well maintained and accessible to the public.
  2. Give people access to nature. By clearing paths, maintaining signage and ensuring the safety of infrastructure, parks departments give people access to nature.
  3. Create and enforce rules and regulations. Each park or recreation area has varying and unique features. Because of this, the local department is responsible for creating suitable rules and regulations and enforcing them to ensure the safety of the land and its patrons.
  4. Supervision. From parks and recreation employees in cities to park rangers at national parks, parks departments are responsible for hiring, training and retaining qualified, dedicated people to supervise and maintain safety and order.
  5. Environmental research. Parks workers are often responsible for collecting and publishing research/studies regarding the natural environment in which they work. At the federal level, the EPA and other government divisions depend on information learned through research at national parks.

Are there different types of Parks Departments?

Yes, there are three broad categories. Municipal, state and federal branches of government all have departments responsible for managing parks and recreation sites.