Oregon Social Services

Find Oregon departments of social services, DSS, DPSS, and human services. Departments of social services provide information on food stamps, public assistance, welfare, housing, healthcare, emergency assistance, and child services.

What do Social Services do?

A social service organization is an agency tasked with helping citizens maintain or improve their quality of life. The state provides social services at the local, state and national levels. They are intended to help families stay safe and become financially stable. They are also designed to protect children and ensure they are properly cared for at school, in child care facilities, and at home. Social services also provide assistance for the elderly and military families. People with disabilities are also able to access social services, especially if they need assistance with transportation, finances, and home care.

Commonly asked questions about Social Services

How does a citizen apply for Social Services?

Many social services offices do not accept appointments, only walk-in visits. People who want to apply for social services should visit the closest office in the community and complete an application. When applying for services, it's best to be prepared and bring several forms of identification such as a birth certificate and social security card, proof of residence, citizenship status, and any records that show income and proof of employment. Your local office will have a list of items required for the application process.

How do I apply for benefits at a Social Services office?

In order to apply for Medicaid or similar benefits, you'll need to qualify according to the eligibility requirements. You'll also need to provide identification, including a birth certificate and social security card. Also, you may need to bring a death certificate if you're requesting services following the death of a spouse. You may also be asked to provide proof of income. Bring proof of expenses for health insurance and utilities as well as any proof of financial resources that you may have.

How do I make a child abuse report?

Each community has a dedicated phone line for people to make reports about any kind of abuse. If it's a dangerous situation, call 911 to get immediate assistance from the police. Otherwise, hotlines are available all day, every day. Many social services hotlines are anonymous, so you won't need to give your name. Reports of any abuse are handled immediately, or at least within 24 hours.