Wayne County Court

Find Wayne County New York courts and courthouses, such as federal, state, district, superior, criminal, common, circuit, judicial, judiciary, divorce, appeals, family, traffic, and small claims courts. Courts provide information on legal cases, law documents, case searches, and appeals.

Arcadia Town Court 100 East Miller Street Newark NY 14513 315-331-8020

Butler Town Court 4576 Butler Center Road Wolcott NY 14590 315-594-2719

Galen Town Court 6 South Park Street Clyde NY 14433 315-923-9375

Huron Town Court 10880 Lummisville Road Wolcott NY 14590 315-594-8074

Junius Town Court 655 Dublin Road Clyde NY 14433 315-539-4667

Lyons Town Court 43 Phelps Street Lyons NY 14489 315-946-4076

Lyons Village Court 76 William Street Lyons NY 14489 315-946-4565

Macedon Town Court 32 West Main Street Macedon NY 14502 315-986-5932

Macedon Village Court 96 West Main Street Macedon NY 14502 315-986-1597

Marion Town Court 3827 North Main Street Marion NY 14505 315-926-4461

Newark Village Court 100 East Miller Street Newark NY 14513 315-331-7666

Ontario Town Court 1846 Ridge Road Ontario NY 14519 315-524-6511

Palmyra Town Court 144 East Main Street Palmyra NY 14522 315-597-5431

Palmyra Village Court 145 East Main Street Palmyra NY 14522 315-597-6757

Rose Town Court 5074 North Main Street North Rose NY 14516 315-587-4418

Savannah Town Court 1564 North Main Street Savannah NY 13146 315-365-2811

Sodus Point Village Court 8356 Bay Street Sodus Point NY 14555 315-483-9660

Sodus Town Court 1416 Mill St Sodus NY 14551 315-483-6807

Victory Town Court 1323 Town Barn Road Red Creek NY 13143 315-626-2549

Walworth Town Court 3600 Lorraine Drive Walworth NY 14568 315-986-1400

What is a Court?

A court is a means of dispute resolution, judgment, or adjudication. A court's responsibilities include criminal, administrative, and civil matters. Types of courts include federal, state, district, superior, common, circuit, judicial, divorce, probate, appeals, traffic, family, and small claims. When a court hears a case, it tasks each side with providing evidence to support their claims. A judge and jury look at the evidence and supporting law to reach a decision regarding the case.

Courts are found everywhere from small towns to major cities. Each state and federal jurisdiction in the U.S. has its own courts. All of these lower courts are under the final jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. Federal courts are divided into trial courts and administrative courts, and state courts are divided into county courts and appellate courts in accordance with local laws.