Delaware County Post Office

Find Delaware County New York post offices and USPS mailing boxes. Post offices provide information on bulk mail services, domestic mail delivery, international shipping, change of address, mail forwarding, PO boxes, and passport services.

Andes Post Office 204 Lower Main Street Andes NY 13731 845-676-3211

Arkville Post Office 43400 Highway 28 Arkville NY 12406 845-586-4182

Bloomville Post Office 51948 Highway 10 Bloomville NY 13739 607-538-9011

Davenport Center Post Office 11790 Highway 23 Davenport Center NY 13751 607-278-5835

Davenport Post Office 15682 Route 23 Davenport NY 13750 607-278-5622

Delhi Post Office 8 Court Street Delhi NY 13753 607-746-2256

Denver Post Office 1375 Dimmick Mountain Road Denver NY 12421 607-326-4959

Downsville Post Office 15126 New York 30 Downsville NY 13755 607-363-2266

East Branch Post Office 3979 O and W Rd East Branch NY 13756 607-363-2521

Fishs Eddy Post Office 121 Fish Road East Branch NY 13756 607-637-5205

Fleischmanns Post Office 1050 Main Street Fleischmanns NY 12430 845-254-6947

Franklin Post Office 450 Main Street Franklin NY 13775 607-829-3161

Grand Gorge Post Office 37163 Highway 23 Grand Gorge NY 12434 607-588-6274

Halcottsville Post Office 387 Halcottsville Road Margaretville NY 12455 607-326-4952

Hamden Post Office 35866 New York 10 Hamden NY 13782 607-746-6909

Hancock Post Office 204 Wheeler Street Hancock NY 13783 607-637-5373

Harpersfield Post Office 798 Col Harper Drive Harpersfield NY 13786 607-652-2181

Hobart Post Office 698 Main Street Hobart NY 13788 607-538-9371

Margaretville Post Office 315 Main Street Andes NY 13731 845-586-2967

Masonville Post Office 15505 New York 8 Masonville NY 13804 607-265-3505

What is a Post Office?

A post office is a local branch of the United States Postal Service, where mail is received and dispatched to individuals and businesses in a given community. A post office usually has postal clerks who receive and process mail, and it's also the place from which mail carriers pick up mail they deliver on their local routes. The office handles USPS business, including mail and package sorting, delivery and forwarding, sales of stamps and other postal supplies, change-of-address requests, and other administrative functions.

In some small communities, the local post office may be located within a commercial business. In communities both large and small, a post office may serve as a local passport office at which passport applications are received and undergo initial processing.