New Jersey Mayor

Find New Jersey mayors. Mayor's offices provide information on government agencies, legislation, councils, managers, boards, elections, deputy mayors, and local, state and federal politics.

What does a Mayor do?

Mayors have many responsibilities. As the highest elected officials in municipal government, they are important decision-makers when it comes to handling matters of legislation and policy. Mayors must also maintain a good working relationship with their constituents. They speak at events, engage with different groups, and make themselves available to listen to community issues. Mayors must represent all the people in their communities and are responsible for setting and achieving appropriate goals for their towns and cities.

Mayors must be able to influence people, create momentum, make important decisions, and be attentive enough to know if they should shift their strategies. A mayor's office provides the public with information about government agencies and public programs. Mayors are managers, communicators, organizers, and decision makers. Their role will shift depending on the needs and desires of the city or town that they are working in, but the mayor will always be the highest role within municipal politics.

Commonly asked questions about Mayors

How does somebody become a Mayor?

People usually become mayors through democratic elections, in which the public votes for their ideal candidate. This process involves a lot of campaigning, debating, and advertising. Typically, the candidate who receives the most votes from the public becomes the winner of the election and gets a four-year term as the mayor. Unlike federal politics, mayors can often be re-elected many times.

What qualifications are needed to be a Mayor?

Usually, a mayor has been a politician for a sufficient enough amount of time that they have earned the trust of their community and gained an understanding of the responsibilities of the position. Education, experience, communication skills, and an understanding of the needs of the city or town in which they are running are necessary qualifications to become a mayor.

Does a Mayor enact legislation?

Yes, a mayor is responsible for managing, creating, and changing local, municipal law, but only in regards to certain matters. Some laws can only be made or changed in the realm of state and federal politics.