New Hampshire Unemployment Office

Find New Hampshire unemployment offices, including state, federal, and department of labor offices. Unemployment offices provide information on unemployment eligibility and status, compensation, and filing weekly unemployment claims or benefits.

What does an Unemployment Office do?

An unemployment office assists individuals who are currently unemployed and administers benefits to them. Usually, these benefits are in the form of paid financial compensation until the individual finds another job.

Some unemployment offices also offer support in the form of education and training. This support may include assistance with job searches, resume creation, job interview coaching, and other services.

Commonly asked questions about Unemployment Offices

I was fired from my job. Will I get unemployment benefits?

If an individual is fired, they may be eligible for unemployment depending on the precise reason for the termination. Employee misconduct that leads to termination is not entitled to unemployment benefits. The exact requirements vary and are often circumstantial. If a person is fired and is uncertain whether he or she qualifies for unemployment benefits, it's best to file a claim for benefits and perhaps seek legal help.

I quit my job. Will I get unemployment benefits?

Quitting a job makes it far more difficult to qualify for unemployment benefits. However, there are situations in which an individual may quit a job and still be eligible for unemployment benefits. For example, a person who leaves a hostile work environment because of harassment or discrimination may be able to claim unemployment benefits, although it may require legal assistance to do so. Just as it is with situations where a person is fired, anyone who quits a job may file an unemployment claim.

I only worked at my job for a short time before I was laid off. Do I qualify for unemployment benefits?

Unemployment benefits aren't based solely on the last position you held. In fact, a claim can be made on one or more jobs held before your last position, depending on their duration and the reason your employment ended. And, the length of time since your last claim might also be a factor. To determine if you are eligible for unemployment benefits, you should contact your local unemployment office to discuss the situation.