Mississippi Passport Office

Find Mississippi passport offices or passport agencies. A passport office is where an individual can find passport applications, find passport forms, apply for a passport, renew a passport, expedite a passport, or report a lost or stolen passport.

What does a Passport Office do?

A passport office processes passport applications including renewals. It also processes replacement passports for those which have been lost or stolen. This office supplies the forms that you're required to fill out and submit during the process of applying for a passport. These offices are important for anyone who wants to travel outside the U.S.

Commonly asked questions about Passport Offices

How long does it take to get a passport?

The usual waiting time is three to six weeks, but the government can expedite this process in certain situations. If you are traveling within a few weeks and book an appointment with the office, the process can be completed in under three weeks. If it's a "life or death" emergency, passports can be processed and made available within 72 hours, but that requires proof of an emergency as well as extra processing fees.

What if my town or city doesn't have a Passport Office?

If you're renewing an existing passport, you can do it by mail. If you require a replacement for one that was lost or stolen you'll need to visit the nearest passport office in person.

Do I need a passport?

A passport is not required unless you plan on traveling outside the country. If you intend to travel at some point in the future, even to a nearby country, a passport may be necessary. If you're confident that you'll never leave the U.S., then you don't need one.