St. Louis Animal Shelter

Find St. Louis Missouri animal shelters, puppy dog and cat shelters, pet adoption centers, dog pounds, and humane societies. Animal shelters provide information on adopting dogs, cats, and pets, animal care and rescue, and animal control.

Act Now Rescue PO Box 510321 St. Louis MO 63151 314-605-1497

Crestwood Animal Control 9245 Whitecliff Lane St. Louis MO 63126 314-729-4868

Feline Friends of Missouri 1506 Creve Coeur Mill Road St. Louis MO 63146 314-878-3645

Furry Ferret Rescue 7301 Watson Road St. Louis MO 63119 314-608-0370

Gateway Pet Guardians 5321 Manchester Avenue St. Louis MO 63110 314-664-7398

Guardian Angel Settlement Association PO Box 2055 St. Louis MO 63158 314-524-5002

Impact for Animals PO Box 190184 St. Louis MO 63119 314-995-9260

Metro Animal Resource Services, Inc. PO Box 260077 St. Louis MO 63126 314-995-2655

National Brittany Rescue Adoption Network 600 Washington Ave 150 St. Louis MO 63101

Pet Placement PO Box 190244 St. Louis MO 63119 314-961-1504

Purebred Dog Rescue of St Louis 7200 Waterman Avenue St. Louis MO 63130 314-957-3647

St. Louis Animal Center 2120 Gasconade Street St. Louis MO 63118 314-353-5838

St. Louis County Animal Control South 77 Hunter Avenue St. Louis MO 63124 314-726-6655

St. Louis Regap PO Box 25383 St. Louis MO 63125 314-894-0834

Stray Rescue of St Louis 2320 Pine Street St. Louis MO 63103 314-771-6121

The Cat Network PO Box 510103 St. Louis MO 63151 636-386-7877

Wonder Weims Rescue 3012 Cambridge Pointe Drive St. Louis MO 63129

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What is an Animal Shelter?

Household animals that no longer have homes are often brought to animal shelters. Animal shelters are safe places to bring animals that are abandoned or lost. Many shelters will also take in animals that are sick or injured. In some areas of the U.S., humane societies will also provide shelter for animals. Shelters often serve as pet adoption centers. Animal shelters are also open to household pets taken from owners who can no longer care for them, those who have mistreated them, or those who have violated animal welfare laws.

Shelters provide animal care, rescue, and animal control. They assist with adopting dogs, cats, and other pets. They also may offer services like spaying or neutering. Shelters may offer adoption. Local and county governments fund some dog pounds and animal shelters, while volunteers and donations provide further support.