Somerset County Post Office

Find Somerset County Maine post offices and USPS mailing boxes. Post offices provide information on bulk mail services, domestic mail delivery, international shipping, change of address, mail forwarding, PO boxes, and passport services.

Anson Post Office 72 Main Street Anson ME 04911 207-696-3991

Athens Post Office 4 Brighton Road Athens ME 04912 207-654-2733

Bingham Post Office 301 Main Street Bingham ME 04920 207-672-5582

Cambridge Post Office 9 Main Street Cambridge ME 04923 207-277-3654

Canaan Post Office 273 Main Street Canaan ME 04924 207-474-3349

Caratunk Post Office 172 Main Street Caratunk ME 04925 207-672-3416

Detroit Post Office 21 Main Street Detroit ME 04929 207-257-2505

Fairfield Post Office 130 Main Street Fairfield ME 04937 207-453-6101

Harmony Post Office 17 Main Street Harmony ME 04942 207-683-5505

Hartland Post Office 90 Main Street Hartland ME 04943 207-938-4463

Hinckley Post Office 753 Hinckley Road Canaan ME 04924 207-453-9263

Jackman Post Office 552 Alternate Main Trail Jackman ME 04945 207-668-7771

Madison Post Office 24 Weston Avenue Madison ME 04950 207-696-3045

New Portland Post Office 186 Meadow Brook Road New Portland ME 04961 207-628-4941

Norridgewock Post Office 2 Clark Street Norridgewock ME 04957 207-634-4201

North Anson Post Office 9 Madison Street Anson ME 04958 207-635-2431

Palmyra Post Office 3 Warren Hill Road Hartland ME 04943 207-938-4288

Pittsfield Post Office 131 Central Street Pittsfield ME 04967 207-487-2722

Rockwood Post Office 62 Village Road Rockwood ME 04478 207-534-2277

Saint Albans Post Office 27 Main Street Saint Albans ME 04971 207-938-2865

What is a Post Office?

A post office is a local branch of the United States Postal Service, where mail is received and dispatched to individuals and businesses in a given community. A post office usually has postal clerks who receive and process mail, and it's also the place from which mail carriers pick up mail they deliver on their local routes. The office handles USPS business, including mail and package sorting, delivery and forwarding, sales of stamps and other postal supplies, change-of-address requests, and other administrative functions.

In some small communities, the local post office may be located within a commercial business. In communities both large and small, a post office may serve as a local passport office at which passport applications are received and undergo initial processing.