St. Mary's County Post Office

Find St. Mary's County Maryland post offices and USPS mailing boxes. Post offices provide information on bulk mail services, domestic mail delivery, international shipping, change of address, mail forwarding, PO boxes, and passport services.

Abell Post Office 21388 Abell Road Abell MD 20606 301-769-2262

Avenue Post Office 21535 Colton Point Road Avenue MD 20609 301-769-2263

Bushwood Post Office 22840 Bushwood Road Bushwood MD 20618 301-769-2264

California Post Office 22576 Macarthur Boulevard California MD 20619 301-863-9506

Callaway Post Office 20293 Piney Point Road Callaway MD 20620 301-994-1183

Chaptico Post Office 25749 Budds Creek Road Chaptico MD 20621 301-884-4334

Charlotte Hall Post Office 29948 Three Notch Road Charlotte Hall MD 20622 301-884-3050

Clements Post Office 24015 Colton Point Road Clements MD 20624 301-769-4548

Coltons Point Post Office 20254 Colton Point Road Coltons Point MD 20626 301-769-3853

Compton Post Office 22173 Bayside Road Compton MD 20627 301-475-9354

Dameron Post Office 17679 Three Notch Road Dameron MD 20628 301-872-5461

Drayden Post Office 18552 Cherryfield Road Drayden MD 20630 301-994-0430

Great Mills Post Office 20210 Point Lookout Road Great Mills MD 20634 301-994-2240

Helen Post Office 29915 Point Lookout Road Helen MD 20635 301-884-5403

Hollywood Post Office 24351 Mervell Dean Road Hollywood MD 20636 301-373-5215

Leonardtown Post Office 22735 Washington Street Leonardtown MD 20650 301-475-9781

Lexington Park Post Office 21745 South Coral Drive Lexington Park MD 20653 301-862-2380

Loveville Post Office 27780 Point Lookout Road Loveville MD 20656 301-475-5243

Mechanicsville Post Office 28948 Three Notch Road Mechanicsville MD 20659 301-884-3013

Morganza Post Office 39600 Doctor Johnson Road Morganza MD 20660 301-475-9858

What is a Post Office?

A post office is a local branch of the United States Postal Service, where mail is received and dispatched to individuals and businesses in a given community. A post office usually has postal clerks who receive and process mail, and it's also the place from which mail carriers pick up mail they deliver on their local routes. The office handles USPS business, including mail and package sorting, delivery and forwarding, sales of stamps and other postal supplies, change-of-address requests, and other administrative functions.

In some small communities, the local post office may be located within a commercial business. In communities both large and small, a post office may serve as a local passport office at which passport applications are received and undergo initial processing.