Marriage Records

Search free public marriage records, including marriage licenses, certificates, registry, and index.

What are Marriage Records?

Marriage records are official documents that contain information about marriages. These include marriage licenses, certificates, registries, and indexes. A marriage license is usually issued by a state authority and permits couples to get married. A marriage registry is a database of marriages that have taken place. In the case of public marriage records, a certified copy of the record can be accessed by a spouse, parent, legal guardian, grandparent, son, daughter, or attorney of any one of the parties to the marriage.

Marriage Records are used for

  1. Licensing marriages. Marriage records are used to show the validity of marriages, and they confirm that a legal wedding has taken place or will take place. These records serve as proof that two individuals are legally bound together in matrimony.
  2. Certifying marriages. Marriage records certify that a marriage is officially recognized by the state.
  3. Registering marriages. Marriage records are required for registering a marriage, which is important for insurance, benefits and paternity purposes.
  4. Discovering family history. Marriage records help people trace their ancestry. With dozens of generations of marriage records on file in government offices today, people can learn the details of who their ancestors were, where they lived, and when they were married.

Are there different types of Marriage Records?

Yes, the documents defined as marriage records include marital licenses, wedding certificates, and other vital documents.