Marriage License Office

Find marriage licenses, marriage certificates, wedding licenses, and wedding certificates. A marriage license allows a couple to hold a marriage or wedding ceremony. After the ceremony is performed, a couple may file for a marriage or wedding certificate, which is the proof of marriage.

What is a Marriage License Office?

A marriage license office is responsible for issuing the official permit for a couple to be married. A marriage license may also be referred to as a wedding license. When a couple wants to become legally married, they need a marriage license, which serves as their proof of marriage. This office is nearly always part of a larger city or county clerk's office, though it can also be a separate bureau as well. The actual wedding ceremony may occur inside a marriage license office, place of worship, or in any other convenient location. The marriage license office supplies applications to couples and also records the completed licenses for record keeping. Records are maintained indefinitely for in both paper and digital form.

Marriage License Offices are responsible for

  1. Issuing marriage licenses and related documents.
  2. Ensuring applicants meet requirements. Marriage license offices are responsible for enforcing the requirements of the state. Each state has similar requirements, including blood tests and age verification.
  3. Providing information. Marriage license offices help people understand the official requirements for marriage.
  4. Processing applications. These offices are responsible for processing applications and receiving payments from couples who wish to be married.
  5. Providing guidance and counseling. Some offices provide premarital guidance and counseling to help promote successful marriages.

Are there different types of Marriage License Offices?

In some states and counties, there are distinct marriage license offices, while in others these duties are handled as part of the duties in a general clerk's office.