Lincoln Power Plant

Find Lincoln Vermont power plants. Power plants produce electric energy through means of harnessing solar, wind turbine, biomass, hydroelectric and tidal, nuclear, alternative, renewable, natural resources, coal, oil, gas and geothermal power.

Belden Hydro Power Plant 402 Belden Falls Road New Haven VT 05472 9.6 miles from Lincoln

Huntington Falls Power Plant 32 Morgan Horse Farm Road Weybridge VT 05753 10.6 miles from Lincoln

Weybridge Power Plant 19 Water Street Weybridge VT 05753 11.2 miles from Lincoln

Vergennes 9 Power Plant Mechanic Street Vergennes VT 05491 13.6 miles from Lincoln

Silver Lake Power Plant 3668 Lake Dunmore Road Salisbury VT 05769 14.4 miles from Lincoln

Salisbury Power Plant 1084 Maple Street Salisbury VT 05769 15.4 miles from Lincoln

Bolton Falls Hydro Power Plant 4120 River Road Duxbury VT 05676 19.5 miles from Lincoln

Williamstown Solar Power Plant 3479 Vermont 64 Williamstown VT 05679 19.6 miles from Lincoln

Moretown Landfill - Gas To Energy Power Plant 19 Kaiser Drive Moretown VT 05676 20.1 miles from Lincoln

Green Mountain Power Plant 5 Power Plant Dog River Road Berlin VT 05602 22.1 miles from Lincoln

Chittenden County Solar Partners Power Plant 350 Dubois Drive South Burlington VT 05403 23.9 miles from Lincoln

Wrightsville Hydro Power Plant 329 Mill Road Montpelier VT 05602 25.1 miles from Lincoln

International Paper Power Plant 568 Shore-Airport Road Ticonderoga NY 12883 25.2 miles from Lincoln

Green Mountain Power Plant 19 Power Plant 111 Park Street Essex VT 05452 26.6 miles from Lincoln

Lachute Hydro Upper Power Plant 141 Montcalm Street Ticonderoga NY 12883 27.5 miles from Lincoln

Gorge 18 Power Plant Berard Drive South Burlington VT 05403 27.7 miles from Lincoln

Chace Mill Hydroelectric Project Power Plant 1 Mill Street Burlington VT 05401 28.0 miles from Lincoln

Colchester 16 Power Plant Gorge Road Winooski VT 05404 28.0 miles from Lincoln

Burlington Electric Generating Power Plant 1 Lake Street Burlington VT 05401 28.3 miles from Lincoln

Pittsford Power Plant 5 Powerhouse Road Chittenden VT 05737 28.6 miles from Lincoln

What is a Power Plant?

A power plant is a facility that generates electricity. It may serve a community or a particular commercial business. Power plants generate electricity through a variety of methods including burning coal, oil, gas or other fuels, or through hydroelectric generators powered by running water, nuclear reactors, or even tidal energy in coastal areas. Still, most power plants rely on large generators that burn fossil fuels.

A fuel-burning plant generates large amounts of waste such as smoke and ash, and requires appropriate design and safety features to protect the surrounding communities and the environment. In recent years, the environmental impact of burning fossil fuels has led to increasing interest in renewable-energy power sources such as wind farms and solar power to replace traditional power plants.