Bienville Parish Court

Find Bienville Parish Louisiana courts and courthouses, such as federal, state, district, superior, criminal, common, circuit, judicial, judiciary, divorce, appeals, family, traffic, and small claims courts. Courts provide information on legal cases, law documents, case searches, and appeals.

Arcadia Justice of Peace Court 1285 Pine Street Arcadia LA 71001 318-263-8807

Arcadia Mayor's Court 1819 South Railroad Avenue Arcadia LA 71001 318-263-8456

Bienville District Court 100 Courthouse Drive Arcadia LA 71001 318-263-2123

Bienville Mayor's Court 564 Main Street Bienville LA 71008 318-385-7532

Castor Justice of Peace Court 126 Front St Castor LA 71016 318-544-2427

Castor Mayor's Court 126 Front St Castor LA 71016 318-544-8718

Gibsland Justice of Peace Court 2463 South Main Gibsland LA 71028 318-843-9747

Gibsland Mayor's Court 2469 South Main Gibsland LA 71028 318-843-6141

Jamestown Justice of Peace Court 4219 East Front Street Jamestown LA 71045 318-894-3309

Jamestown Mayor's Court 4219 East Front Street Jamestown LA 71045 318-894-3612

Lucky Mayor's Court Rr 1 Castor LA 71016 318-576-3912

Mount Lebanon Mayor's Court 12689 Highway 154 Gibsland LA 71028 318-843-6658

Ringgold Mayor's Court 2135 Hall Street Ringgold LA 71068 318-894-4699

Saline Justice of Peace Court 12056 Highway 501 Saline LA 71070 318-259-8451

Saline Mayor's Court 984 Cooper Street Saline LA 71070 318-576-3545

What is a Court?

A court is a means of dispute resolution, judgment, or adjudication. A court's responsibilities include criminal, administrative, and civil matters. Types of courts include federal, state, district, superior, common, circuit, judicial, divorce, probate, appeals, traffic, family, and small claims. When a court hears a case, it tasks each side with providing evidence to support their claims. A judge and jury look at the evidence and supporting law to reach a decision regarding the case.

Courts are found everywhere from small towns to major cities. Each state and federal jurisdiction in the U.S. has its own courts. All of these lower courts are under the final jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. Federal courts are divided into trial courts and administrative courts, and state courts are divided into county courts and appellate courts in accordance with local laws.