Marion County Animal Shelter

Find Marion County Indiana animal shelters, puppy dog and cat shelters, pet adoption centers, dog pounds, and humane societies. Animal shelters provide information on adopting dogs, cats, and pets, animal care and rescue, and animal control.

All Creatures Great Small Animal Sanctuary, Inc. PO Box 502056 Indianapolis IN 46250 216-702-4022

Beagle Buddies 8310 Brambleberry Drive Indianapolis IN 46239 317-418-1615

Blaze Saddles Springer Rescue of Indiana, Inc. 5555 North Tacoma Avenue Indianapolis IN 46220 317-894-3122

Cats Haven PO Box 30206 Indianapolis IN 46230 317-638-0699

Circle City Ferret Club PO Box 2272 Indianapolis IN 46206 317-767-1758

Exotic Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary Box 4267 Indianapolis IN 46219

Friends of Ferdinand Inc. PO Box 1784 Indianapolis IN 46206 888-612-7402

House Rabbit Society PO Box 533243 Indianapolis IN 46253 317-328-1428

Humane Society of Indianapolis 7929 North Michigan Road Indianapolis IN 46268 317-872-5650

Indiana Bulldog Rescue PO Box 34770 Indianapolis IN 46234

Indianapolis Animal Care and Control 2600 Harding Street Indianapolis IN 46221 317-327-1397

Indianapolis Animal Shelter 7478 Madison Avenue Indianapolis IN 46227 317-710-2831

Indyclaw Rescue 60 Habig Road Indianapolis IN 46217 317-780-2287

Kentuckiana Pug Rescue 2405 Allison Avenue Speedway IN 46224 317-244-3849

Lawrence Animal Control 4455 McCoy Street Lawrence IN 46226 317-549-4814

Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana, Inc. PO Box 55917 Indianapolis IN 46205 317-767-7771

Starting Over Airedale Terrier Rescue 5851 Brouse Avenue Indianapolis IN 46220 317-259-7701

What is an Animal Shelter?

Household animals that no longer have homes are often brought to animal shelters. Animal shelters are safe places to bring animals that are abandoned or lost. Many shelters will also take in animals that are sick or injured. In some areas of the U.S., humane societies will also provide shelter for animals. Shelters often serve as pet adoption centers. Animal shelters are also open to household pets taken from owners who can no longer care for them, those who have mistreated them, or those who have violated animal welfare laws.

Shelters provide animal care, rescue, and animal control. They assist with adopting dogs, cats, and other pets. They also may offer services like spaying or neutering. Shelters may offer adoption. Local and county governments fund some dog pounds and animal shelters, while volunteers and donations provide further support.