Idaho Probation Department

Find Idaho probation departments, such as adult, juvenile, state, and federal probation courts and offices. Probation departments provide information on parole officers, community service, parole number lookups, violation and warrant searches, and job employment.

What does a Probation Department do?

A probation department monitors ex-offenders as well as people charged with crimes who are awaiting trial or sentencing. A probation department almost always administers random drug tests and works to keep people from re-offending or harming other members of the communities where they live. Most probation departments also provide assistance to ex-offenders to help them develop essential life skills. sentence.

Commonly asked questions about Probation Departments

What will happen if I violate my probation?

If you violate your probation, the probation officer is required to take action including notifying the judge who presides over your case. Sanctions may include imposing stricter conditions of supervision or returning to prison or jail. If there are serious violations, you may receive additional criminal charges or be sentenced by the court to a longer period of incarceration.

Can I move, or travel out of the state when I am on probation?

Traveling out of the state while on probation is allowed if it's within the limits of the court order, the parole officer agrees, and you get the required travel permit.

How can I seal my probation record?

If you are an adult offender or a juvenile delinquent and want to avoid having your data publicly available for violation and warrant searches, you can ask for your record to be sealed by filing a petition with the court.