Idaho Hospital

Find Idaho hospitals, children's and pediatric centers, patient care & medical facilities, urgent care, emergency room, ambulance, and EMS emergency services. Hospitals provide information on patients, healthcare, medical procedures, doctor visits, and medical insurance.

What does a Hospital do?

A hospital provides health care services, including specialized medical, nursing and therapeutic services. It's goal is to help people recover from injuries and illnesses and have healthier lives. Nearly all hospitals provide inpatient care, meaning the patient stays overnight in the facility. Many hospitals also offer outpatient treatments in which the patient receives care then leaves the same day.

Some hospitals are general institutions, others are specialized. General hospitals offer the full range of healthcare services, including emergency room (ER), intensive care unit (ICU), surgery, pediatric, orthopedic and other services. Specialty hospitals focus on treating only one or two types of illnesses or injuries, such as trauma or ear, eye, nose and throat (ENT) institutions. Local hospitals are usually small, and regional centers may be very large.

Commonly asked questions about Hospitals

Are all health care facilities the same as Hospitals?

Not necessarily. For example, a dentist's office provides important health care services, but it's not a hospital. Dermatologists, therapists, and hearing/vision specialists often have their own private practices with small clinics, and they're not hospitals.

How does the role of a nurse differ from that of a doctor?

A nurse is an expert in patient care, and a doctor is a qualified practitioner of medicine. A nurse may hold a medical degree and a doctor may have nursing experience. Both are essential, and their skills are complementary, but they perform different jobs.

Why are Hospital bills so expensive?

Hospitals are expensive to operate for a variety of reasons. Doctors are highly paid, and the cost of liability insurance adds more expenses. And, medication and procedure costs also add to the total hospital bill.